Spokes Digital Media is a digital marketing agency. We launched in June 2016 with a mission to connect decision makers to the community stakeholders.  Spokes Digital Media specializes in establishing trust and building community relationships for your brand or business. We specialize in working with brands that have a sustainable and positive impact on the community. 

Spokes are very important in the functionality of a bike just like having an effective grassroots and digital marketing strategy for your business. If one spoke is broken no matter how hard you try, you can never reach your full speed, there will be resistance. Similar to business, when brands fail to connect their digital and traditional marketing their message never reaches its full potential. 

Why our clients work with us.

As a team we create effective digital marketing and storytelling campaigns that will take word of marketing to the next level. 

Our goal is to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and engagement.  

We give you a hands- free approah for your digital marketing. 

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